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Asta Dhala Seva Pushpam

Asta Dhala Seva Pushpam- Ravulapalem

A unique and most beneficial Project has been developed at Ravulapalem of East Godavari District, bringing eight services under one roof, making it as a Role Model for Entire India

With the Divine blessings and grace of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba a unique project named, Asta Dhala Seva Pushpam (eight petal flower) has been constructed and developed all the eight services under one roof at Ravulapalem in East Godavari District. The following services have been initiated for the benefit of poor villagers.

1) Spiritual Center (Mandir Hall) 2) School for Mentally challenged (with 5 resident & 5 day scholars) 3) School for Deaf & Dumb (with 20 residents) 4) Deena Janoddarana Pathakam (DJP)(with 9 Students) 5) A Sai Saraswathi School from KG to 5th Class in native mother tongue, to promote Indian culture and tradition. 6) A spiritual Library 7) Medical Services (Homeo & Allopathy) 8) Vocational Training Centre (Tailoring) A free utility function Hall

Read Report in PDF

Read Report in PDF


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