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April 2015 Sevadal Deployment-PN Services






R.Lakshmana Rao,

State Coordinator.

Service Wing.

Sri Sathya Sai Saran,MIG-8, APBH Colony,

Old Srikakulam,  Srikakulam 532 001

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Mob:94401 68606.

Date 4th Feb.2015.


                                Sub:- Prasathi Nilayam Seva Aprial2015 – regarding.

                   Ref:- State President Circular No. 1 / SP/ AP& TS  dated   21-01-2015.


State Coordinator's Circular in PDF

Security Services Deployment Details in PDF

Utility Services Deployment Details in PDF

Dear Brother /Respected Sister, Sai Ram.

With the Divine Grace of Bhagavan Baba, may every dawn begin with auspiciousness and of success! May the day be filled with action and let dusk come with joy of dedication!

My humble prayer at the Lotus Feet of  Bhagavan Baba for the successful organization and every one`s participation in the  ensuing  Prasanthi Nilayam Seva during April,2015 and in the celebrations of  Maha Aaradhana Utsavam of our Lord, at the family, village, city and the state level.   District  Presidents and District Sevadal Coordinators, Zonal Inchages, District Youth Coordinators and ASMs  should inspire the Devotees of Sai Organisation to participate in Prasanthinilam Seva.   All  activities should  aim to motivate the devotees  to participate  in  Prasanthinilayam Seva. The full Planning  should be made  from Now itself.  We should bear in mind  that service at the Lotus feet should be rendered in full dedication, perfection and purity.

The Deployment of Contingent Incharges, State Office Managers and the District Wise and Sector wise deployment of Sevadal for  3 Batches  ie., 1st 2nd and 3rd Batches  is furnished below for your information and taking further necessary action.

Batch wise crucial  dates for April 2015 Seva:


Reporting date

Return journey










Special Batch






Contingent Incharges

Batch I

Batch II

Batch III

  A Vasudeva Rao  Hyd  


C Vishwanath Reddy ATP

V.Subba Rao, VSP

V Krishna Raju VSP

Papi Reddy  ADB

K Ashok Reddy Hyd



  Konda Babu  EG

Nominated State Office Managers


Batch I

Batch II

Batch III


P V Ramana Murthy VZM

P V Ramana Murthy VZM

P V Ramana Murthy VZM


Bal Reddy MBNR

N.V.Hanumantha Rao GNT

Yadagiri Hyd


Sri Rama Murthy,VZM

Dharma Rao   WG

Madan Mohan CTR


Janardhana Rao   VSP(SML)


Raghava Rao VSP


Murali Mohan, HYD

Narasimha Rao EG

S Sankarappa MDK


Hanumanta reddy,MBNR


Dharma Rao, WG




I Srinivasa Rao NLR




Niranjana Rao ADB




Janardhan VSP Steel Plant

State Office

Gangadhar Rao Hyd

Subrahmanyam   Hyd

Anand Rao VSP

Lokanatham CTR

Tulasi Ram HYD

VVSN Murthy, SKM


C.Bhaskara Rao Hyd


C.Bhaskara Rao Hyd


C.Bhaskara Rao Hyd

Special Activity


VVSN Murthy, SKM


Our Beloved All India President had already mentioned that there are Some Special constraints during this Crucial Seva Period of Aprial, 2015 i.e., Examinations etc.   These are the common problems to be faced by all.    Therefore Special Efforts are highly required by All the District Office bearers to ensure that we shall discharge our legitimate collective responsibility and commitment  and surrender to our beloved Swami.

The District Presidents are requested to bestow personal touch with all the Samithi and Bhajana Mandali Convenors and ASMs and make them involve more and kindly see that they must attend Prasanthi Nilayam seva.  The samithi level allotment and roaster may be prepared and a copy may please be sent to me.

I request to kindly ensure that sevadal are sent as per the guidelines already issued. You  are particularly requested to concentrate more on first and second batches as the allotment is high and the requirement is bearest minimum.

Please do not nominate a sevadal who never performed Seva at Prashanthi Nilayam as Batch Incharge, though he may be a senior person . Similarly, the nominated Group Leader must have served in the sector for which he is nominated. They have to report one day before seva starts.

Sri Venkateswarlu,WGL Sri Siva KUMAR KDP and SriK.Ramesh,WG  are requested to attend Prashanthi Nilayam Seva from 21st to 25th April.

All the District Presidents, District Sevadal Co-ordinators gents/mahilas and District Youth Co-ordinators gents/mahilas are requested to attend Prashanthi Nilayam from 21st to 25th April 2015 along with two Sevadal members each in view of Maha Narayana Seva  proposed on 24th April.

All the District Youth coordinators are requested to identify, motivate and bring  youth  for Seva.

Also gent and Mahila sevadal, preferably youth, as per the district wise allotment given in the earlier circular shall attend the Special Batch from 21st to 25th April.

Further, the youth batch looking after loading, transportation and unloading are requested to attend from 23rd to 25th April..
Please send copy of this letter to all the concerned.

With humble Regards,

Ever in Sai seva


State Sevadal Coordinator

Service wing.


All District Presidents,

All District Sevadal Coordinators,

All District Youth Coordinators (Both Gents & Mahilas).

Copy to Sri S.G.Chalam, BE., State President for kind information.

Copy to Sri N.Lala Lajapathi Rai, State Joint Coordinator (Prasanthinilayam Seva).

Copy to Sri Hahiharan, State Joint Coordinator (P.S.).

Copy to Smt Vasumathi Devi, State Coordinator, Mahilas.

Copy to Smt Sudha garu, State Coordinator.

Copy to Sri Ramana reddy, State Youth Coordinator.

Copy to  Smt  Pramada, State Mahila Youth coordinator.

Copy to Sri Vishnuvardhanrao with a request to upload in Grama



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