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With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan Baba varu, Fathenagar Samithi visited Allavada a SSSVIP Village on 16-03-2014 with 5 Gents & 5 Mahila Sevadal. Sri Srisailam and local youth of Chevella samithi provided logistics and guidance. At 1030AM Sevadal went around the village and distributed Protein Food packets to Balavikas students. One Amruthakalasam was given to beneficiary by name Sri Malla Reddy. 8 Pregnant women were also provided with Sai Protein Food and new medicated slippersIt is very important to bring the baby to the mother after delivery because through this action the relation between the mother and the baby becomes stronger and the baby gets warmness from the mother. After delivery the mothers were given Sai Protein Food and New Medicated slippers.

From 12.30 to 2.30 local Balvikas Gurus participated in Balvikas classes teaching them about incidents from Epics Ramayana and Bhgawan’s Childhood related stories. Prasadam was distributed to Balvikas students. Programme ended with Harthi to Bhagawan at 2.30PM.

Report by M.SOMASUNDARAM, DAI, RR DISTRICT 9391385738.

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