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All India Tech Group-30th Meet in PN

Om Sri Sai Ram







The meeting commenced at 10.30 am with the chanting of Omkaram three times invoking Bhagawan’s blessings!

We had 50 members this time participating in the meeting.

We also had the following guest members:

1. Sri B.Sudhakar-Chief Human Resource Officer-Tata Projects Ltd

2. Dr.Devsen Kruthiventi-General Manager-Head and learning& Development, Knowledge management & internal communication-Tata Projects Ltd (Alumni of SSSU)

3. Sri Anilkumar: Head of Water Purification system and head of CSR division-Tata Projects

4. Dr.K.Anilkumar: Principle Scientist & Head-Advanced materials & Green Chemistry-Tata Chemicals-Pune (Alumni of SSSU)

5. Sri Ch.Srinivas: Sales and project executive of Tata Projects Ltd , Who has participated in all our installations.

6. Sri Chaary Tamarisa from the United States.

The meeting commenced with the opening welcome address and briefing on the current agenda by the TGC.

He shared with members that TG has just completed 10 years of service, merely by our dear Swami’s grace. He thanked all concerned for their keen interest, efforts and participation.

  • The TG Coordinator explained the current status of the action plan of the Organization in various states and its focus on installation of drinking water purification plants-Health and hygiene related toilets installations and agro based solutions to poor farmers.
  • This session is specially based on Bhagawans concerns and suggestions on village related complex problems and solutions provided by Him. An article on this subject from one of the interactions with students was given to each member in our meeting here.


  • Dr Ravikrishna a member from the Karnataka Technology group and also the head of the core group presented the current activity status of the action plan. He has detailed on the various science lab-educational-nutrition-drinking water and agro based support to the poor farmers of the village.
  • Sri Sandeep Sastry a member from Karnataka presented on health and hygiene aspects related details with special reference to the need of hand washing activity by the children and adults-He elaborated with facts and figures on gigantic health related problems on account of lack of awareness amongst the village folks specifically.
  • The focus has been on the importance of practice of simple hand washing and its great everlasting advantage in keeping the deadly diseases away!


  • It emphasizes on how safe and pure drinking water, simple personal hygiene and avoidance of open defecation would not only keep the body fit and also raises the intelligence aspect of children to a higher level.
  • Finally, he emphasized on the need for taking this concept to every village home by our SSSVIP members.


Our Guest members Sri Anilkumar from Tata Projects then presented on various equipment facilities that his company produces in the water purification division. He explained the spread of his company activity on all India bases. He said currently the Tata Projects have 35 plants working successfully nonstop in Andhra Pradesh that were organized by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization-Technology group.


  • TP is keen to participate in our Pan India initiatives in water purification plants with best price, a prompt delivery and after sale service.
  • TP is keen to provide to the village nominated operators with adequate training to handle plant maintenance, preventive aspect and quality controls.
  • TP intends to introduce innovative add on dozing appliances to their equipment to tackle and handle health and hygiene related issues in villages.
  • TP shared with us that they have extensive training programmes for village youth in the engineering trades and with special reference to construction field. They are inviting our organization to nominate youth for such programmes and eventual employment as well.



  • Sri Sudhakar garu from Tata Projects also participated in this programme to high light some innovative health and hygiene and nutritional add on to the equipment. This he emphasizes would support need in villages not only to handle emergency dehydrated cases but also delivers quality and mineralized water for good health. Currently this aspect is not done by any one. This facilitates the village folks in need can come to our plant and avail the advantage.


  • The Technology group Coordinator shared the capitol costs and management costs of a 1000 lit per hour capacity plants-- on a members query.




Dr.Anilkumar, priniciple scientist from Tata Chemicals & Head. Advanced materials & Green Chemistry presented on how we can enhance growth of field crops by adopting Nano/Bio technology solutions.


  • He presented the problem areas as:
  • Diminishing arable land/Need for nutrition in land/Reduction of productive levels/Inadequate water resources/High cost of inputs/Environmental concerns/Reduction of farmer’s income/Unpredictable climatic controls.
  • The approach:
  • Multi and cross disciplinary approach/Nano technology-micro nutrients as spray and coating agent/Crystal engineering/Microbial bio technology application/Natural product chemistry/Anti termite formulae.
  • The effect:
  • Effective crop protection and nutrients/Greener crop nutrition/Efficient crop production-Nutrition/More yields per acre/Cost benefit ratio and economics.


  • We learnt that Tata Chemicals have successfully experimented and formulated this approach in the practical sense of application..


  • Dr Anilkumr is keen to impart this knowledge and share with our villages farmers’ community in coordination with our SSSVIP members.
  • His presentation is shared with these proceedings as an attachment -please take a look!



Sri K.Saiprasad our Taminadu Technology group member and Tamilnadu Agro coordinator had an interaction with Dr Anilkumar briefly. The TG coordinator requested them to coordinate and then provide a step by step approach to introduce these concepts at the village level wherever possible and feasible.


  • Sri K.Saiprasad then presented on the details of his recent visit to Punjab with the Ooty Potato farmers group with Sri Nandakumar and Sri Shanmugham. The aim of the visit is to learn as to how to overcome the disease “late blight” that is hurting their crops in the South.


  • They were immensely benefited by this visit by learning the potato seed cultivation techniques to enhance the quality and quantity of this crop as practiced in Punjab. The main learning has been to overcome the disease by a special variety of seed plantings by name “Kurfi imalalin and Sheja varieties. The Ooty farmers use Kurfi Jyothi.


  • The Ooty group was taken to Central potato research unit in Jallandhar where they met Sri Kapil

Sharma, Technical officer who has explained in detail. Later they visited another private farm owner Sri Bhatti of Bhatti Agro ltd. Sri Bhatti also promised to help our farmer’s teams.


  • This has been great opportunity to know that Punjab has the best seedlings that are catered to many states as in West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamilnadu etc.


  • Now this meeting and visit will open up new opportunities, with the support of the head of CPRI Dr Minhas.The south is likely to have this type of quality seed. We need to pursue them to allot this variety to Ooty farmers as well.



  • Sri Manider Singh our member from Punjab has explained certain salient features of this seed growing technology and on procurement aspects.


  • Sri Saiprasad also narrated about the 7th Seed distribution programme scheduled in Salem on 9th March 2014.On this programme the TG has reported in their earlier reports.



  • The TGC has also spoke the importance of health and hygiene aspects as a preventive approach measure to address the village health issues. In this context he reminded that we have this programme in our action plan as a priority subject and we need to make one village Niraml in each state.
  • He shared with members how Bhagawan stressed on this subject of provision of toilet facilities and how it should be executed. (Swami’s article given to members shows His directions).


  • The TGC has shared with members that the TG group has contact with Sulabh International agency who are ready to share with us the concept and designs of such eco friendly toilets suited to rural environment.
  • The TGC announced all members to take a look at our new updated web site and send their feedback.


  • He further requested all participating members to share their presentations for publication in their web pages.


The TGC thanked all the members for their contribution, participation and appealed for the members to take these concepts to the end beneficiary’s door step.


The meeting concluded at 1.30 pm with Shanthi Manthram.



Meeting with the All India President.


  • In the evening at 5pm the All India President met the TATA Project Ltd corporate office members as above in Shanthi Bhavan.
  • The TP members appraised on the proceeding of the morning session as described above.
  • The AIP wanted active participation and support from the CSR division of the company in our Pan India water purification programme.
  • He acknowledged and thanked for their good support and pricing but still wanted them to better their offer in view of the larger scope of supply and the CSR opportunity that is being formulated by the Government. Copies of CSR opportunity brochures were given to them.
  • He evinced keen interest in the innovative add on dozing applications of nutrients in purified water in their equipment supplies. He expressed that this initiative fits in to the organizational approach to promote our national nutritional programme.
  • He wanted TP to establish R&D facility equipment in the University Premises to demonstrate the innovations as well as to support the drinking water needs.
  • The TP members have agreed to install such equipment immediately as soon as the place and location is designated.
  • Dr K.Anilkumar, (Alumni), principle Scientist of Tata Chemicals has been directed by the AIP to talk to the VC and determine the place for installation. He directed Dr Anilkumar to coordinate with the Technology group Coordinator in this regard.
  • With reference to the Agro support with specific Nano/Bip tech approach presented by Dr.Anilkumar, the AIP evinced keen interest and wanted this to be taken to Taminadu farmer’s attention in their meetings with Sri K.Saiprasad our Tamilnadu tech group member.
  • The TGC has indicated that Sai Prasad was in this morning meeting and he is touch with Dr.Anilkumar.


  • The AIP wanted the TP members to give him a copy of the TP techno initiatives presentation that provides comprehensive details of their products and also the list of plants that were supplied by them to our organization since 2004.
  • The AIP also wanted this information to be shared with the concerned at their TATA Mumbai office that is in touch with the central trust currently.

The meeting concluded at 6 pm.


In the 8pm meeting with AIP-The Technology group Coordinator gave a brief account of the proceeding of the day to all India organization members. He further shared with members that Odisha State is commencing establishment 5 water purification plants in April. In the context sought details of the villages in other states for evaluation. He also shared about establishment of a R&D water purification plant set up by Tata Projects in the University premise.


Thank you for your patient reading!


Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu-Jai sairam

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See Report in PDF

Sri Anil Kumar from Tata Chemicals made a presentation on Agri-Formulations and the details are placed in PDF file below.

See Report in PDF


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