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88th Birthday celebration at Rajam


with the divine blessings of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba Varu  88th birthday  was celebrated with usual pomp and gaiety by the Management,Workers of Sri Sai Annapoorna Cachew Industry, Kottavalasa near Rajam town on 23.11.2013.  More than  100 workers of the industry with their families participated in the Samoohika Sai Satya VRATAMS  besides the families of the management. 11 elder people belonged to the industrial workers  havebeen honoured with New Clothes and Swamyvari photos. Birthday Cake was offered at the Lotus Feet by the industrialist Sri K.Krishna.Jhoola was also arranged for Bhagavan and femilliar Jhoola songs were sung by promient  singers of the town. After DivyanamaSankeertana for 30 minutes Sri TSNMurty Dist Spiritual Coordinator Spoke on Bhagavan's divine mission and preachings. Mangalahaarati was offered at the Lotus Feet by the local Andhra Bank Manager to mark the conclusion of the celebration.

Report by TSNMurty Dist i/c



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