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6 months Bala Vikas Report

January : On the occasion of Sankranthi, a nine day Bommala Koluvu was arranged at respective samithis and thambulam were given to ladies by balvikas children.On Bhogi day the little Balvikas children were showered with Bhogi pandlu and were given Harathi. Every month on the first Sunday after the bhajan at respective samithi’s, there is speech by Balvikas student on swami’s sayings.

Jan & Feb : In the month of January & February two balvikas centres were opened.

March: Samithi level Balvikas guru’s training programme was conducted, around 10 new balvikas gurus participated.

April : On the occasion of Bhagawan baba’s mahasamadhi anniversary on April 24th,balvikas children took part in the Pallaki seva,Narayana seva activity and also performed biyam pooja at respective samithis.

May: On the occasion of One week Eswaramba day (May 6th) celebrations, the balvikas children also participated in the following activities at their respective samithis:
May 1st : Narayana seva.
May 2nd : Balvikas competitions.
May 3rd : Biyam pooja.
May 4th : Bhajan by Balvikas children.
May 5th : Mathru pooja Aroung 15 DJP children who came from Kodhada,Vanaparthy,Kalwakurthy for DJP Summer course ,performed Mathru pooja to the Elderly Women of a Old age home.
May 6th: Cultural activities by balvikas children.

Balvikas students also participated in the Water camp service organized by respective samithis.Every month around 20 Past Balvikas students are taking part in Veda recititation at near by Temples.

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