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41st Anniversary - Sreeramnagar Samithi

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Sreeramnagar under Zone-III of Vizianagaram District celebrated its 41st Anniversary on 2nd October, 2016 with Blessings of Bhagawan Baba in a grand manner. The following events took place on the day.

04.45 am.  Day started with 21 times Omkaram, Suprabhatam and Nagar Sankeertan.

08.30 am.  The Prashanti Flag was unfurled by the Zonal Convener Sri G Satyanarayana.

09.00 am: Mahila devotees performed Samoohika Puja

09.30 am: 20 Sevadal members rendered services in cleaning the premises and surroundings of Mandir.

12.30 noon.  The Samithi provided food to about 250 poor narayans.

17.30 hrs.: Pallaki Seva was organized.  More than 350 devotees participated and went around all the streets and main road and back to Mandir with sweet voice of singing Bhajans.

18.30 hrs. The Convener Sri Premanath Singh submitted his annual report to the members and explained about the activities of the Samithi. 

18.45 hrs.: Sri P Ramesh, a Resource person on Human Values from Visakhapatnam has delivered a spiritual speech on SUNDARAKANDA and SWAMY VARI LEELA VISESHA VYBHAVAM.

19.30 hrs.: Cultural Program in form of BURRAKATHA was staged by youth Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Gopi and Mr. Chinna about RAMUNI CHARITRA.

The program concluded with offering Divya Mangala Harathi to SWAMY.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, DAI. M-9490885577

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