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Oath taking Ceremony - Alwal Samithi Devotees - 14-1-2015

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Alwal has conducted an Oath taking Ceremony on 14-01-2015 thursday on the occasion of Makara Sankranthi. The Ceremony started with lighting of the lamp and garlanding Bhagawan’s portrait. An oath was also administered by Dist Spritual coordinator to all devotess  to stick to the rules and regulations of the Organization and have absolute belief on Swamy. details of the oath :


Sathya Sai Seva Dhal,. The first.... each member and office-bearer must take an oath, from the very depths of the heart, If we have the three qualifications mentioned, I assure we, even if we have no place in any organisation bearing My Name, we will have a place here (Baba indicated His Heart as the place where they will be accepted). The organisations must be such that members find their congenial places to deepen their Saadhana, to cultivate their virtues and to overcome their ego, by contacting with workers who are free from the least trace of that deadly poison. If this is achieved, their success is certain.

Secondly, what are the duties of members and office-bearers? We know that the State requires us to take a solemn oath, when we take up an office or enter upon an assignment. Similarly, each member and office-bearer must take an oath, from the very depths of the heart, before engaging themselves in the activities. "Swaami, save me from any act of commission or omission which will affect adversely the three qualifications we have laid down. Bless me with the skill, intelligence and enthusiasm necessary for the task I am dedicating myself to carry out for my own uplift. Guide me along the correct path; shower on me Your Grace so that I may earn a fair name in this attempt; guard me from temptation and wrong steps." When we rise from bed at dawn, pray thus. At night, when you go to bed, ponder over our activities during the day, examining them, whether we went against any of the conditions of membership, and if any wrong had been committed unconsciously, pray that it may not happen again. Decide to dedicate ourselves in this manner, with these ideals for the work ahead.


A Report by M.Somasundaram DAI RR Dist.








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